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Sales makes or breaks a start-up. Connect with pre-vetted US based sellers that have prior experience selling to your buyer. Hire them hourly, part-time or full-time!


Binny Gill, Founder and CEO

'Activated Scale quickly understood my current stage and recommended an expert that has sold to my buyer to help me build my Sales GTM. I highly recommend other start-up founders to work with this team'

We help Startups Succeed!

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Traven Watase, Founder

'Your fractional sales talent outperformed my full-time sales employee!

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Pranay Prakash, Founder and CEO

'Thanks so much for reaching out and making all this happen for us. You've had a larger impact on our company than you may realize'


You need help to grow your organization.

How It Works


We connect you with a pre-vetted seller that has prior experience selling to your buyer that can be hired hourly, part-time or full-time


Accelerate your revenue by hiring a pre-vetted seller that has sold to your buyer.

Work with only the best sales talent

Activated Scale works with sales experts that have a demonstrated track record of success in sales. Hire a salesperson that has prior experience selling to your buyer.

Julien Poinsignon

Julien P

Director, Sales Development

Technology, Telecom, Entertainment

Scaling SDR Organizations, Outbound Prospecting, Defining ICP

Ruth Petty.jpg

Ruth P

Business Development Lead

Healthcare, Technology, Marketing

Sales Messaging, Full Sales Cycle, Meetings set

Nathan Nunez

Nathan N

Director, Strategic Accounts

Government, Healthcare, Education

Sales Messaging, Process Optimization, Sales Strategy

Our Sales Talent can help you with

  • Building a Sales Playbook

  • Refining Ideal Customer Profile

  • Discovery Conversations

  • Closing

  • Sales Recruiting

  • Go-To-Market Strategy

  • Sales Messaging

  • Objection Handling

  • Account Based Selling

  • Partner Program

  • Outbound Prospecting

  • Setting Meetings

  • Negotiation

  • Running the full sales-cycle

  • Technology & Tools

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