Quimby Melton, Co-Founder and CEO


A Sales Talent Marketplace Built For Startups

Sales make or break a start-up. Connect with pre-vetted US based sellers that have prior experience selling to your buyer or industry. Hire them part-time, or full-time and convert the best to employees!

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Work with the best Go-to-Market experts in your industry. Get help with your sales strategy, sales playbook, and partnerships.

Work with experienced inbound and outbound SDR's that are great at prospecting with email, video, and cold calling.


Work with experienced AE's that manage the entire sales cycle from prospecting, discovery and demo, negotiation to closing.

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Binny Gill

Founder and CEO


"Activated Scale quickly understood my current stage and recommended an expert that has sold to my buyer to help me build my Sales GTM. I highly recommend other start-up founders to work with this team"

A Sales Talent Marketplace Built For Startups

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Prior to working with you, sales talent must sign a contract and NDA to ensure you're protected.

Flexible Hiring

Scaling up and down is super easy. Just let us know!

There is no minimum spend or minimum duration. 

Pre-Vetted Talent

We take time to get to vet talent to make sure you're getting the best of the best. Have peace of mind knowing that you'll work with a sales team that is experienced with your buyer and understands your industry.

How We Vet Sales Talent

Build Or Supplement Your Sales Team

Whether you’re hiring your first sales representative or you’re expanding your current team - hiring can be daunting. We take the burden off of you by partnering and vetting top sales talent so that you can focus on what you do best. With no long term contracts, you can remain lean as you scale.

Competitive Application
In-Depth Interview
Performance Reviews

Decrease Onboarding Time and Costs  

Get in Front of Your Buyer

Whether you’re selling to a chief technical officer or the marketing team, we have talent that has experience getting in front of who needs your product or service the most.

Get More Leads

Have an experienced sales team find the right buyer at the right time.

Close More Deals

Increase your revenue and close rates by working with experienced account executives.

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Finance Teams

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HR Teams

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Marketing Teams


Sales Teams

Video Game Developers


Build Great Sales Teams On Demand

Hire relevant sales talent in 1 week. Scaling up and down is easy.

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Hire Fast

Hire relevant sales talent in 1 week. Scale up or scale down easily!

Save Time Onboarding

Work with sales talent that has prior experience within your industry or with your buyer. 

Pre-Vetted Talent

We are salespeople vetting salespeople. Hire people that can actually sell!

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