Ryan Heaphy

Director Sales

Austin, TX

Industry Experience:

Real Estate, Legal, Media, Broadcast Television, Education, Market Research

My Expertise:

Sales Messaging, Pitching, Sales Coaching, Outbound Prospecting, Account-based Selling, Objections and rebuttals, Product GTM, Stakeholder Qualification, Market Research, Territory Planning, Sales Playbooks, Process Execution,
Tools, Recruiting, Sales Compensation


I'm passionate about outbound sales. I take a rigid process-oriented approach to develop my team into skilled salespeople that deliver predictable results. I believe that practice and self-evaluation are critical to go from paycheck to paycheck to a successful career sales professional.

My hope is that with better sales leadership, sales orgs and sales people will become more effective and the buying process for buyers in any industry will be more valuable and impactful than ever before.