Zach Magray

VP of Sales & Client Solutions

New York, NY

Industry Experience:

SaaS, Advertising, Facilities

My Expertise:

Sales Process, Sales Message, Discovery Conversations


I am an Informatics Major from the University of Michigan. Upon graduating, I worked as an SMB Account Executive at Yelp where I learned the value of cold calling, delivering value, overcoming objections & going for the close. It was during this role, I recognized that sales is in fact a numbers game - The more dials made, the more opportunities I had for meetings. The more meetings = more pitches. More pitches = more closes. More closes = more money - I've carried this with me throughout my career.

Following Yelp, I joined a SaaS company in a Lead Generation role where I learned the value of outreach, creative messaging(over call & email), the Sales & Marketing relationship & the value of setting sticky appointments for sellers. I helped this company scale their NY presence from 2 people to 15 people before leaving to pursue an Enterprise Sales Opportunity.

My experience as an Enterprise Sales rep dealing with Fortune 300 companies led me to understand the calculated amount of time & effort it takes to close big deals & how to navigate these opportunities to a positive result.

Currently I am at UtilizeCore (a SaaS startup) as the VP of Sales & Client Solutions. I launched the sales organization in March of 2020 & since then I have about tripled our client base from ~10 to ~30, while building out a sustainable process in which my 3 AE's and 2 SDRs can opportunity (semi-)autonomously in.. they're all still very new!