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'They dug through their personal network to find Roboflow's first sales hires. They're incredibly thoughtful with candidates which creates a strong candidate experience. Working with Activated Scale was quick, easy and painless!'

Joseph Nelson, Co-Founder, Roboflow

‘We didn't have a repeatable and scalable outbound sales strategy. We hired a fractional sales person who implemented sales tools and customer focused messaging that resulted in a 5X increase in meetings with qualified prospects!'

Abhisek Kirti, Co-Founder and COO, Dresma.ai
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'Activated Scale got us access to a PLG-focused sales expert that helped us set a strategy and foundation for growth. The ease and speed with which we got started was awesome. And it was a great fit. Would highly recommend other founders give this a try.'

Dan Giovacchini, Co-Founder, Tango

‘Like Toptal for Sales pros, Activated Scale's try-before-you-buy model makes building a sales team affordable and low risk. Exercising the FTE option is quick, easy and affordable. We've benefitted enormously with Activated Scale. It's exactly what we needed at our stage!'

Quimby Melton, Co-Founder, Confection
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'Activated Scale quickly understood my current stage and recommended an expert that has sold to my buyer to help me build my Sales GTM.'
Binny Gill
Founder and CEO
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'Your fractional sales talent outperformed my full-time sales employee!
Traven Watase
'You've had a larger impact on our company than you may realize'
Pranay Prakash
Founder and CEO
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How Fractional Sales Talent
impacts Startups

Our B2B sales talent network books meetings and increases new revenue!

Fractional SDR's

 Hire an experienced Fractional Sales Development Representative (SDR or BDR) on a monthly retainer to help you book meetings with your customers!

They work hand in hand with you to improve your messaging, articulate your value proposition and use LinkedIn, Email and pick up the phone to get you in front of your buyers.

Measure them through the number of meetings booked per month. About 85% of startups hire them full-time after an initial fractional contract!

Fractional AE's

 Hire an experienced Fractional Full Cycle Account Executive (AE) on a monthly retainer to help you win new customers!

They work closely with you to help you win new customers. They manage your sales cycle from prospecting, demos, contract negotiations to getting the close!

Measure them through the number of meetings booked per month, demos and new revenue! About 85% of startups hire them full-time after an initial fractional contract!

Why us?

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Discover the many ways in which founders have embraced Fractional SDR's and Fractional AE's!

'Activated Scale has fundamentally changed the trajectory of Windsor'

Pranay Prakash,  Cofounder and CEO
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'One year later, he still works with us and is a great asset to the team'

Aren Sandersen,  Founder and CEO
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Hire a Fractional Sales Person and grow your startup faster!


They're happy.

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'On-boarding was simple, and the terms are founder-friendly.'
Michael Sitarzewski
'Activated Scale helped us to bring on an experienced salesperson. The speed with which we got her was exceptional. Not only did she have the experience selling to our buyer but could hit the ground running.'
Hanes Singh
Founder and CEO
'You brought on a great hire, super fast!'
Matteo Carroll
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