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Reduce The Time and Cost to Hire a Salesperson for Your Portfolio

Sales make or break a start-up. Help your portfolio companies connect with pre-vetted US-based sellers that have prior experience selling to their buyer or industry. Hire them part-time, or full-time and convert them into your best employees!

Reduced Time To Hire

According to SaaStr, it takes 90 days to find a great sales hire. We have reduced the time to hire from 90 days to 10 days. 

Reduced Cost To Hire

The wrong hire can cost a business hundreds of thousands of dollars in onboarding time and lost sales. Our marketplace can help avoid costly mistakes and scale.

Increase MRR

The right sales talent can help a startup scale quickly and dramatically improve MRR. We connect startups with exceptional talent that has prior experience with their bu

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Binny Gill

Founder and CEO


"Activated Scale quickly understood my current stage and recommended an expert that has sold to my buyer to help me build my Sales GTM. I highly recommend other start-up founders to work with this team"

Build Great Sales Teams On Demand

Let Us Know Your Needs

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We get to know the unique needs of your portfolio companies and identify their sales cycle and ideal customer profile. 

Get Connected With Talent

We connect founders with 1-3 pre-vetted salespeople in 1 week. Sales talent is rigorously vetted for experience, skillset, and industry fit. 

Low Commitment

Founders try talent on a part-time contract and then hire them. Scaling up and down is super easy. Just let us know!

There is no minimum spend or minimum duration. 

How We Vet Sales Talent

Dramatically Reduce Time to Hire

In the past year, we have helped dozens of startups reduce their time to hire from over 90 days to 10 days with our sales talent marketplace. By working with us, your portfolio companies will always have access to vetted fractional sales talent that they can use on a flexible basis. 

Skillset Review
We explore what buyers they have sold to, their processes, what technology they have used, and what sales cycle they are experienced with. 
Competitive Application
We review their resume, and prior experience, and discuss talent's motivations and goals.
Performance Reviews
Communication post hire with both the business and sales hire to insure continued excellence.

Decrease Onboarding Time and Costs  

Get in Front of Your Buyer

Whether you’re selling to a chief technical officer or the marketing team, we have talent that has experience getting in front of who needs your product or service the most.

Get More Leads

Have an experienced sales team find the right buyer at the right time.

Close More Deals

Increase your revenue and close rates by working with experienced account executives.

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