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Jackson Jefferies

 Account Executive 

'Traditional accelerators in compensation plans do not deliver enough ROI to work overtime because your OTE to ACV ratio becomes wider the further you exceed your quota. Fractional sales allows me to maximize my time for the highest ROI possible.'

Veronica French_edited.jpg

Veronica French

 Director of Demand Generation 

'It has been a true privilege to be part of the Activated Scale community and work closely with the Founder. Activated Scale connects me with startups building incredible products that are in need of specific expertise but without having to hire an FTE. It's rewarding to get to work with founders and their teams to help grow their business and provide them the specialized guidance that they currently lack. I recommend Activated Scale for any subject matter expert in Sales and Marketing seeking to impact business decisions and outcomes for early stage and high growth startups.'

Chad Vanags.jpg

Chad Vanags

 VP Sales 

'I'm engaged with a startup whose buyer persona I know well. Not only am I monetizing the additional time I have, I am also testing a potential future employer prior to joining them full time.'

Zack Brown.jpg

Zack Brown

 Chief Revenue Officer 

'You only get about 10 swings of the bat in your working life, so you better make each company you work for count. Engaging with businesses through Activated Scale gave me the opportunity to work with several startups and identify "the one" that was a great mutual hit' 

Montrell Cartwright_edited.jpg

Montrell Cartwright

 Strategic Account Manager 

'Activated Scale is the premier platform for tech sales experts to help startup founders solve problems and drive revenue. I have consulted for a few startups through Activated Scale and it was always a pleasure connecting founders with net new businesses within industries I'm passionate about. Activated Scale is leading the way for creating a new source of income for sales experts while helping startup founders grow their business.'

Kevin Gilman_edited.jpg

Kevin Gilman

 National Account Executive 

'Activated Scale has been exactly what I was looking for! They paired me directly with a CEO who is looking for help, we met and immediately got to work. They handled the payments, hours, everything. I couldn't have asked for more from Activated Scale, as I was looking to add experience and income.'

Hector Soriano.jpg

Hector Soriano

 Key Account Partner 

'Loved working with Activated Scale! I was quickly connected with a great founder that matched my specific project requirements. The contracting and payment process was upfront and easy. Highly recommend for any sales rep looking to help startup founders grow their businesses.'

Julien Poinsignon.jpeg

Julien Poinsignon

 Sr. Director Global BD 

'Activated Scale did a great job matching me with the type of founder I would work best with. I was able to share my knowledge and help these founders get started. I still remain close and follow their success.'

Allen Liao.jpg

Allen Liao

 Account Executive 

'Activated Scale connected me to a startup that I am really enjoying working
with so far. The product is a real, must-have in the marketplace, and
the founders were a pleasure to work with so far. Activated Scale's platform was
easy to use, and I have not experienced any issues with its process either.
Highly recommend anyone in sales to give it a try if your situation allows;
the experience had been very refreshing, to say the least.'

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