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3 Emails that convert and Why

Before we get into 3 emails that convert, here are 3 things to consider when writing a cold email:

  1. Subject Line and First Line: The purpose of the subject line and the first line of the email is to get your email opened. The subject line should be direct and to the point of your email. The first line of the email should be focused on how you can solve a problem or your observation of the prospect
  2. Keeping it short: An email under 100 words is ideal. Furthermore, an email under 100 words with 5 or fewer sentences will make it easy for your prospect to read your email on their mobile. Some stats suggest that over 70% of emails are now read on a mobile. Your prospects are no longer scrolling and hence your email should avoid any scroll
  3. CTA: An email without a clearly defined ‘Call to Action’ will not guide your prospect to what you want them to do with the email which is to get a reply and book a meeting or hear No. I’d rather get a no than a maybe

So let's jump into a Subject Line that has a 98% open rate

Why this works:

  • Emoji: This helps to stand out from the email clutter
  • Why: The reason for the email

All components are tied into parts that are directly related to what they should expect in the email body

EMAIL 1: This email has a 95% open rate and a 23% reply rate

Why this works?

  • Short: It is a mobile friendly email that avoids any scroll. 
  • Easy to read: It's 45 words and broken down into 4 sentences
  • Addresses a pain: We know they are hiring which is covered in the first line. The second line is a pain that 95% of our ICP has
  • CTA: Tells the reader what I am expecting from them

Here is the template for this email that you can customize for your business

EMAIL 2: This email has a 90% open rate and a 20% reply rate

Why this works?

  • Short: It is mobile friendly
  • Shows real results: My ICP is startup founders and this shows them real and credible results from clients with solid backing. They have either saved money, hired fast or have results that propelled their business forward.

Here is the template for the email that you can customize for your business.

EMAIL 3: This email has a 63% open rate and a 38% reply rate

Why this works?

  • Short: It is mobile friendly
  • CTA: It gives the prospect the option to decline the meeting.

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