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Sales Talent Marketplace Built For Startups

Don't let a lack of sales expertise hold your startup back! Our platform connects founders with vetted and experienced US-based sales professionals that have a proven track record. Hire them part-time, or full-time and convert the best to employees!


Sales is the easiest role to make a mistake with and the most expensive! We expertly vet sales talent prior to giving access to opportunities.


Work with experienced sales talent that has prior experience selling to your buyer. This dramatically decreases onboarding time.


The wrong hire can cost your business six figures! Our marketplace helps you avoid costly mistakes and scale rapidly.

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Dave Giovacchini



'Activated Scale got us access to a PLG-focused sales expert that helped us set a strategy and foundation for growth. The ease and speed with which we got started were awesome. And it was a great fit. Would highly recommend other founders give this a try.'

Build Great Sales Teams On Demand

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We are committed to protecting your information and peace of mind. 

Low Commitment

Scaling up and down is super easy. Just let us know!

There is no minimum spend or minimum time commitment.

Pre-Vetted Talent

All sales talent is vetted for their motivation, sales skill set, experience selling to specific buyers, and reference checks are also done.

How We Vet Sales Talent

Skillset Review
We understand who they have been the most successful selling to, their sales process, tools and technologies and sales cycle.
Competitive Application
We review their application, and prior experience, and discuss talent's motivations and goals.
Performance Reviews
Communication post-hire with both the business and sales hire to ensure continued excellence. If they don't work out, you can simply cut them.

Build Or Supplement Your Sales Team

Whether you’re hiring your first sales representative or you’re expanding your current team - sales hiring can be daunting. We take the burden off you by partnering with and vetting top sales talent so that you can focus on what you do best. With no long-term contracts, you can remain lean as you scale.

Decrease Onboarding Time and Costs  

Get in Front of Your Buyer

Whether you’re selling to a CTO or the marketing team, our talent has experience getting in front of those who need your product or service the most.

Get More Leads

Have an experienced sales team find the right buyer at the right time.

Close More Deals

Increase your revenue and close rates by working with experienced sales talent.

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Sales Teams

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