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Sales makes or breaks a start-up. Get direct access to vetted salespeople that have prior experience selling to your buyer. Connect with pre-vetted sellers that are available hourly, part-time or full-time!


You need help finding the best available sales talent

How It Works


We connect you with a pre-vetted seller that has prior experience selling to your buyer that can be hired hourly, part-time or full-time


Accelerate your revenue by hiring a pre-vetted seller that has sold to your buyer.


Quimby Melton, Co-Founder and CEO

‘From VPs to SDRs, sales hires are notoriously difficult for early-stage companies. Activated Scale substantially reduces the risk of mishires.


Like Toptal or Turing for sales pros, Prateek and his team source experienced talent. But they also take the time to ensure there's a fit between a sales pro's experience and a company's particular need. Financially, Activate Scale's try-before-you-buy model makes building a sales team affordable and low risk. As the relationship develops, Activated Scale makes exercising an "FTE option" quick, easy, and affordable.


We've benefited from Activated Scale's model enormously. It's exactly what we needed at this stage.’ 

We help Startups Succeed!


Dan Giovacchini, Founder

'Activated Scale got us access to a PLG-focused sales expert that helped us set a strategy and foundation for growth. The ease and speed with which we got started was awesome. And it was a great fit. Would highly recommend other founders give this a try.'


Tim Eller, CEO

I am a technical founder, so sales has historically been a black box to me. Yet, as a founder, I obviously need to sell! Prateek set me up with a mentor who, over the course of three sessions, helped orient me in the philosophies and techniques of selling, and helped me get my hands dirty in every aspect. Starting with listening to me describe my company and product, he then helped me identify the profile of my ideal customer, clearly delineate the problems I am solving, distinguish my company from the competition, structure my written and oral communications, conduct first and subsequent phone calls, set an outreach cadence, get to know the various sales SaaS to help me organize my efforts, and increase my LinkedIn engagement through blog posts. I appreciated having homework so I could be sure to feel my growth.’

Work with only the best sales talent

Activated Scale works with sales experts that have a demonstrated track record of success in sales. They work with start-up founders based on their experience selling to their buyer.

Julien Poinsignon

Julien P

Director, Sales Development

Technology, Telecom, Entertainment

Scaling SDR Organizations, Outbound Prospecting, Defining ICP

Ruth Petty.jpg

Ruth P

Business Development Lead

Healthcare, Technology, Marketing

Sales Messaging, Full Sales Cycle, Meetings set

Nathan Nunez

Nathan N

Director, Strategic Accounts

Government, Healthcare, Education

Sales Messaging, Process Optimization, Sales Strategy

Our Sales Talent can help you with

  • Building a Sales Playbook

  • Refining Ideal Customer Profile

  • Discovery Conversations

  • Closing

  • Sales Recruiting

  • Go-To-Market Strategy

  • Sales Messaging

  • Objection Handling

  • Account Based Selling

  • Partner Program

  • Outbound Prospecting

  • Setting Meetings

  • Negotiation

  • Running the full sales-cycle

  • Technology & Tools

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