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Sales makes or breaks a start-up. Get direct access to vetted sales leaders that have prior experience selling to your buyer. Connect with sellers that have solved sales problems you are trying to solve!


You need help with sales messaging, sales process, improving conversion rates, Go-to-Market strategy 

How It Works


Connect with a sales leader that has prior experience selling to your buyer


Grow your revenue by implementing these practical and actionable solutions


''I’ve had nothing but a remarkable experience with you and the team you’ve recommend. On-boarding was simple, and the terms are founder friendly. Thank you so much for making room for us in your schedule! I LOVE what you’re doing.'' 

—  Michael Sitarzewski, CEO, Epic Playground

Revenue Experts help you 1 on 1 with

  • Building a Sales Playbook

  • Refining Ideal Customer Profile

  • Discovery Conversations

  • Closing

  • Sales Recruiting

  • Go-To-Market Strategy

  • Sales Messaging

  • Objection Handling

  • Account Based Selling

  • Partner Program

  • Outbound Prospecting

  • Cold Calling

  • Negotiation

  • Moving Upmarket

  • Technology & Tools

Revenue Experts

Activated Scale works with sales experts that have a demonstrated track record of success in sales. They consult start-up founders based on their years of experience in specific domains. They currently serve as:

  • VP Sales

  • Director, Sales Development

  • Director, Sales & Revenue Operations

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