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CaseActive, is a startup founded by two technical founders with no sales experience. With limited time, the founders, Welby and Hilda needed to hire a salesperson that could build their sales process from the ground up and help them sell.

We sat down with Welby Obeng, Founder and CEO at CaseActive, to understand how Activated Scale helped them hire vetted and experienced sales talent quickly.

“With limited time as a founder, we needed a solution that could get us a qualified salesperson quickly.''

The Problem

There were 3 main challenges that the founders faced:

1. No Sales Experience of the Founders: Just as other founding teams, that are built by Technical folks, Welby had no prior sales experience. Coding his product came easy, but selling it was difficult.

2. Limited Time to hire: Time is always limited for startup founders. Going through the traditional recruiting approach is tedious, outdated and takes too long to hire.

3. Streamline Sales Process: As an early stage startup, CaseActive hadn't built their sales process and needed a salesperson that has built a sales process from the ground up.

While there are countless clever ways to hire sales people, CaseActive identified Activated Scale as the best way to hire vetted and experienced sales talent quickly.

“We saved a lot of time and money by not having to post a job and scan multiple resumes. That's the biggest selling point for you!”

The Solution

Hiring sales talent is tough and CaseActive hired vetted and experienced sales talent that have built a sales process from the ground up. CaseActive hired Jackson Jefferies through the Activated Scale platform.

Jackson is an experienced salesperson that has built the sales process from the ground up for 3 different startups.

“We met Rich, Kevin and Jackson. While the others were great, Jackson had the exact experience we needed at our stage.”

The Results

After hiring Jackson through Activated Scale, CaseActive observed the following improvements:

1. Value Proposition: CaseActive's value proposition is now clear. Their messaging has improved and their customers clearly understand how their solution is better than others.

2. Improved Pricing Model: Customers couldn't understand pricing per case. Working with Jackson, their pricing model is further streamlined.

3. Sales Process: Jackson was able to build a sales process from the ground up after speaking with prospects and learning how they would buy.

“Jackson's no-fluff practical approach made it easier for us to work with him. He built a tactical plan that was relatable.”

The Future

Activated Scale played a critical role in helping CaseActive hire vetted and experienced sales talent quickly. By connecting them with experienced sales talent like Jackson, Activated Scale helped CaseActive build and iterate their sales playbook. The flexible hiring model with experienced and vetted sales talent by Activated Scale made it quicker and more affordable for startups like CaseActive to access top-tier sales professionals.

“Activated Scale helped us to hire a vetted and experienced salesperson that we would have otherwise spent a lot of time finding.”
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