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The fastest way to level up your sales career!

We connect experienced sales professionals with startups that are reimagining the future. Work with them hourly, part-time or full-time.

Veronica French, Director of Demand Generation, Activated Scale, Fractional Sales
'Activated Scale connects me with startups building incredible products that are in need of specific expertise but without having to hire an FTE. It's rewarding to get to work with founders and their teams to help grow their business and provide them the specialized guidance that they currently lack. I recommend Activated Scale for any subject matter expert in Sales and Marketing seeking to impact business decisions and outcomes for early stage and high growth startups.'

Veronica French, Director of Demand Generation


Work hourly, part-time or full-time. You decide your weekly schedule.


Choose your monthly retainer and get paid bi-weekly! No invoices EVER!


Work with startup founders that are reimagining our world and build with them!

Your Fractional Sales Career

Trusted by some of the best Startups

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Hector Soriano, Key Account Partner,  Activated Scale, Fractional Sales
'Loved working with Activated Scale! I was quickly connected with a great founder that matched my specific project requirements. The contracting and payment process was upfront and easy. Highly recommend for any sales rep looking to help startup founders grow their businesses'

Hector Soriano, Key Account Partner


We are looking for specific previous experience and measurable results selling to Technology, Marketing and HR Buyers.


If selected to proceed, send us a 60-90 second pitch video based on the case study presented to you. We pitch daily in sales!


Once we review your pitch, we invite you for a 30-minute interview to further assess fit and answer your questions.

How Activated Scale Works

Allen Liao, Account Executive,  Activated Scale, Fractional Sales
'Activated Scale connected me to a startup that I am really enjoying working with so far. The product is a real, must-have in the marketplace, and the founders were a pleasure to work with so far. Activated Scale's platform was easy to use, and I have not experienced any issues with its process either. Highly recommend anyone in sales to give it a try if your situation allows; the experience had been very refreshing, to say the least.'

Allen Liao, Account Executive

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