Why Activated Scale?

Our platform of pre-vetted sales talent increases your probability of success and shortens the time to reach that success.

Pre-Vetted Talent

Qualifying sales talent is tough. Everyone sells themselves well! We take time to get to know them, understand where their strengths truly lie, their experience working with your buyer and domain.

No Commitment

Scaling up and down is super easy. Just let us know!

There is no minimum spend or minimum duration. If we have done our job well, you will work with us for a long time.

Flexible Pricing

Unlike regular practices, we do not pad hourly rates. We simply charge 8% on top of the hourly bill rate. We believe relationships are truly built when we are transparent.

Industry & Buyer experience

Sales is a transferable skill, but, we work with salespeople that have previously sold to your buyer and understand your industry. 

Wouldn't this accelerate your growth?

How we impact Start-up Founders

Sales Strategy and Sales Process

Sales Execution

Our VP's and Director of Sales have spent years growing businesses. They've built from the ground up. They work hand in hand with founders to understand their vision, their business model, and the current challenges they face.

We connect founders with this talent that define and refine your Sales Strategy and Sales Process.

Our high-performing AE's represent fast-growing companies such as Snowflake, Google, Salesforce, AWS, etc. They work closely with founders to improve messaging, articulate their value proposition and increase revenue.

We connect founders with this talent that set up meetings and run the sales cycle.


You need help finding the best available sales talent

How It Works


We connect you with a pre-vetted seller that has prior experience selling to your buyer and can be hired hourly, part-time or full-time


Accelerate your revenue by hiring a pre-vetted seller that has sold to your buyer


''Thanks so much for reaching out and making all this happen for us. You've had a larger impact on our company than you may realize'' 

—  Founder and CEO, Y Combinator Batch W19

What is your cost of inaction?