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7 horrible mistakes you are making with hiring

Other than a revolutionary idea, the success of any startup depends on a great team. A perfect team can help cross barriers, understand the market, bring new clients and sustain relationships with old ones.

Even a single wrong hire can cost a startup dearly as funds are limited, and time is of utmost value. Like with any other business, hiring a competent sales representative can support a startup's aggressive growth ambitions.

For this reason, hiring is a crucial part of running a startup. Let's look at some of the worst mistakes you can make while hiring a sales representative. Avoid them, and you will have the perfect team to support your ambitions.

1. Sharing an Incomplete Job Description

Spending some time to write a comprehensive job description will help you envision the role and the person's responsibilities. Without it, you'll be shooting in the dark.

It'll also be easier to interview the candidates when you know the skills and behavior the job role demands.

2. Not Preparing for the Interview

Similar to the candidates applying for a job role, the interviewer must prepare questions in advance as well. It'll give you clarity on the person who can do justice to the job. After all, you'll get the desired answers only when you ask the right questions.

3. Not Making Objective Decisions

Many leaders remain unaware of the unconscious bias that can lead them to onboard the wrong hires.

As per a survey, every wrong hire can cost six figures. A person unfit for the role or your company will be less productive, may have a negative attitude, or not work well with others.

You can avoid this by interviewing vigorously and focusing on facts instead of relying on your gut.

4. Focusing Only on Experience

If you only focus on experience while hiring a sales representative, you could miss out on good talent.

As a startup founder, try to be more willing to take risks and hire for potential rather than only experience. You can identify traits like conscientious, extroverted behavior, and willingness to learn to hire a sales development representative.

5. Ignoring the References

You may not want to ignore checking the references to speed up the hiring process. Speaking to a candidate's previous manager or peers can help you with crucial information to make the correct hiring decision.

You may uncover some information that did not come out during the interview. Checking the references can also affirm your choices and eliminate doubts.

6. Not Checking if They're a Good Cultural Fit

Individuals cannot perform to their fullest potential unless they fit into your firm's culture. This is especially true when hiring a sales development representative, as they'll not be able to sell if they feel disconnected from their brand.

You can use tools like situational judgment tests, structured interviews, etc., to identify if a person fits in your company's culture.

7. Not Hiring as Per Your Budget

Keeping your budget in check is one of the most important factors when hiring a sales representative.

Going overboard may seem tempting to hire a fabulous sales representative, but it can affect your bottom line and cause ripples in the system. You can avoid this by defining your budget and sticking to it.

Hire the Right Sales Representatives for Your Startup!

Sales hiring mistakes can impact the growth of your startup. Not only will you lose time and money, but it can also harm your reputation. You can use the tips shared above or use an effective talent marketplace to hire the best sales development representative for your startup.

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