Sales Process

Sales Tools Needed to Succeed

Here are the tools that you and your salespeople need. Below are some of our recommendations

  • CRM: A Customer Relationship Management tool is where you load all your prospect information. You can check the stage where they are in the sales funnel, create deals and monitor them as well as follow up for the future.
  • Email Automation: A salesperson needs to automate their email outreach. These tools enable them to reach out to a large number of people and monitor their progress. Without email automation, a salesperson will be unable to scale.
  • Prospect Client Information: You have defined your Ideal Customer Profile but where do you find their contact information? These tools help your salespeople to find direct emails and phone numbers making it easier for them to directly reach out to their prospects.
  • Phone dialer: An auto dialer software automatically dials telephone numbers. Once the call has been answered, this software will connect the call to a live salesperson.
  • Calendar Scheduling: Do you enjoy going back and forth over a few emails just to set up a few minutes to talk? Your prospects don't. These tools connect to your calendar and make it easier for them to book a time with you.

Here are some of our recommendations:


There are lots of options out there from Zoho, Hubspot, Salesforce, Copper etc. Werecommendusing Hubspot if you are just starting off with a CRMHubspot is a great CRM for businesses that are just starting to record their customers. It is highly scalable, very simple to use and cost effective. Plus, there is a Free version available as well!If you want to go for the paid version for Sales, you had additional access to calendar functions, sequencing, advanced reporting that isn't available otherwise. Hubspot also has a Hubspot for Startups program where you can get huge discounts. Here is the link.

Email Automation:

There are lot of options with email automation as well including, Mixmax, Outreach, Yesware amongst many others.Instantly. ai is a really good email automation tool. With Instantly, you can warm your emails, send sequences and most importantly use numerous email addresses when sending sequences.The key feature is being able to send 1 sequence using multiple emails that you might use. With multiple emails your domain authority doesn't get hurt, you can space out the number of emails that are being sent per email and you can increase the volume of outreach as Instantly will divide all the contacts between the emails you are using.

Prospect Client Information:

You need the right contact information to be able to reach out to your prospects., and Zoominfo are the best tools available.While most tools today have mostly accurate information, werecommend for numerous reasons.

  • Cost effective
  • Very simple to use
  • You can also send email sequences from Apollo
  • Their LinkedIn plugin makes it super easy to create a list and add contacts to it.

Calendar scheduling:

Lots of calendar scheduling tools that do more or less the exact same thing. Tools such as Calendly, Chilipiper, Hubspot are all great.We prefer Calendly as it's really simple to use and can be easily integrated onto our website and emails.

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