SDR Manager

The First Sales Manager

Full Time

$90,000 - $120,000 per year

40 hours

Remote, USA


What you’ll do:
  • Build and refine sales strategies and playbooks, focusing on converting people who have already filed to run for office to use our product, AI Campaign Manager.
  • Lead a motivated team of seasonal Inside Sales Representatives, Sales Development Reps, and interns to craft a culture of success and innovation.
  • Expand Good Party Academy, our free program to recruit and teach the next generation of people-powered leaders. Your strategies will not only generate leads but also inspire talented people to step into community leadership roles.
  • Test increasingly persuasive communications that align with our mission. Build and iterate on playbooks for personalized outreach. Utilize AI tools for enhanced messaging effectiveness.
  • Collaborate closely with the Marketing team to optimize conversion, with the Politics team, who serve as account management e.g. candidate success, and with the Mobilization team to improve and support effective volunteer recruitment.

Who you are:
  • You’re up for the audacious challenge of transforming our democracy for Good and don’t think the two-party system is the answer.
  • You’re an experienced sales or SDR manager from a high-growth B2B startup environment, with a proven track record of building successful sales cultures and results. You’ve managed at least three direct reports and/or overseen a contractor workforce.
  • You’re a strategic thinker obsessed with scrappy ways of testing, learning, and optimizing sales processes and playbooks. You’re already experimenting with and using AI tools to optimize your sales work.
  • You’re a charismatic communicator, capable of engaging diverse audiences across the country (including diverse political views), with a knack for turning insights into action.
  • Calls and meetings are where you shine. You enjoy being a player-coach where you’ll have a portion of time dedicated to jumping on the phone and doing frontline sales work.
  • You’re experienced in using HubSpot or similar tools, with a strong understanding of marketing and outbound sales channels.
  • You’re effective in addressing user needs with the product team and adaptable to a product with growing functionality.

Bonus if:
  • You’ve used your sales experience for a social impact company or nonprofit organization in a paid role and/or as a volunteer.
  • You have experience selling a free service or product. You’re familiar with the unique dynamics and skepticisms of offering something for free.
  • You’re a Hubspot expert.
  • You have experience studying, working, or volunteering in politics, political activism, or democracy reform.

About the company

Good Party is the movement to make people matter more than money in our democracy. We’re not a political party – we’re building free tech and a movement to end America's two-party political dysfunction.

Americans are losing faith in democracy – especially young people. The rigged, two party system has turned Independent into a dirty word to make voters trapped between voting for the lesser of two evils or wasting their vote on an alternative. In fact, a majority of eligible voters (over 130M Americans), including more than half of Millennials and Gen Z, say that neither Republicans, nor Democrats represent them…but they keep getting elected!

Whether you’re concerned about the climate, privacy, inequality, or our individual freedoms, solutions are held back by the dark doom-loop of dysfunctional partisan politics. With over 500,000 elected offices in the United States, Good Party is empowering a grassroots revolution to take back our communities from career politicians. We help real people run winning local and state level campaigns.

Good Party’s solution is to train people to run for office plus support candidates who take our pledge with cutting-edge tech tools to win, all without selling out to the Democrats, Republicans, big money, or special interests. Our free AI Campaign Manager and team with 50+ years of campaign experience make running, winning and serving as an independent possible.

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