Adam Ferris

VP of Sales

Palo Alto, CA

15+ inside sales leader. 9 years of B2B SaaS sales leadership. I have raised ~$70M in my career. Experience building Commercial and Mid-market sales teams from the ground up. I started at Duda after a major product pivot, and new go-to-market, when revenues were contracting, $4.2M ARR, a $45M valuation and no sales team. We now have BDRs and BDR manager, Sales Managers and a Director of Sales, Sales Engineers and a strategic Account Management team. We're about to raise our second round under my sales leadership with a post valuation of $420M. I enjoy building, coaching against a sales framework, coaching and mentoring, collaborating cross-organizationally, and creating systems and processes for scale.

Previously worked at:

Kaltura, DUDA

How I can help:

Build GTM and Sales Strategy

Average deal size:

$50,000 - $100,000
$100,001 +

Companies sold to:

Mid Size Companies (101 - 1000 employees)
Mid Size Companies (101 - 1000 employees)
Enterprise Companies (1000+ employees)

Titles sold to

Technology Buyers (CIO, CTO, VP IT etc.)
Marketing Buyers (CMO, VP Marketing, Creative etc.)