Alec Trachtenberg

Account Executive

Los Angeles, CA

I'm a SaaS Sales Executive and GTM Strategist with 9 years of sales experience. I have worked at a variety of companies in the computer software, e-commerce, and entertainment space. I have consistently exceeded my sales quotas, which have ranged from 600k to 1.7 million in ARR.

In addition to conducting the full sales cycle, I have experience managing and coaching sales teams and have empowered them to achieve companywide revenue goals. I am passionate about entrepreneurship and enjoy launching new products and building the GTM strategy for pre-seed and early-stage start-ups. I am a natural born leader and I enjoy building and maintaining relationships with my past and current clients like Netflix, AirBnB, Amazon, and Apple.In addition to my sales experience, I have produced and acquired domestic distribution by High Octane Pictures for my first feature film, The Cabin (2017), under my production company, Coast ART Productions.

I also published a book, Lights, Camera, Sell: Sales Techniques for Independent Filmmakers, which walks readers through the 5-stages of the sales process and teaches creative minded people how to adopt a sales mindset. Providing ambition, enthusiasm, and an entrepreneurial vision to any of my endeavors is my goal.

Previously worked at:

MomentFeed, Entercom, Surkus

How I can help:

Win meetings with Prospects, Win Revenue

Average deal size:

$10,000 to $50,000
$50,000 - $100,000
$100,001 +

Companies sold to:

Mid Size Companies (101 - 1000 employees)
Enterprise Companies (1000+ employees)

Titles sold to

Technology Buyers (CIO, CTO, VP IT etc.)
Marketing Buyers (CMO, VP Marketing, Creative etc.)