Chad Vanags

VP Sales

Ventura, CA

• Professionally trained in sales by NVR, one nations top 5 new home builders. Became top performer in new hire class, achieved top score in class of 97% score on 3-hour sales role play, graduated 12 month sales training program in 9 months and first new hire promoted to full Sales Representative.

• Sold $17M+ in residential real estate in Chicago from 2006-2010. Was a top 10 agent out of 100 and youngest in the office.• Built startup sales, marketing, and training systems & first rep to successfully prospect & close deals simultaneously for LA startup HUMAN Healthy Vending that went from $0 to $15M 1.5yrs.

• Built an ecommerce email marketing agency with clients that included MVMT Watches, Blenders Eyewear, Tipsy Elves, Diff Eyewear, and more. Clients saw returns of 300% upwards of 3,000%. Produced one of the industry's top podcasts.

• Built Klaviyo's partner program from scratch, generating $1.1M in LTV within 11mos while training 30 agencies on how to build, sell, and fulfill email services for their clients. The program currently generates 25% Klaviyo's revenue and Klaviyo is reportedly valued at $9B.

Previously worked at:

Revflow, Klaviyo

How I can help:

Build GTM Strategy

Average deal size:

$50,000 - $100,000
$100,001 +

Companies sold to:

Mid Size Companies (101 - 1000 employees)
Enterprise Companies (1000+ employees)

Titles sold to

Marketing Buyers (CMO, VP Marketing, Creative etc.)