Kayla Campos

Account Executive

Toronto, ON

Kayla spent 2.5 years at Salesforce as an SDR and BDR. As a BDR, she was in the Marketing Cloud unit sourcing net new business in the retail & CG sectors, which includes mainly B2C ecommerce companies in food/beverage, fashion/apparel, luxury goods, electronics and food service/restaurants.

She was responsible for reaching out to potential marketing buyers, such as Managers, Directors, VPs and CMOs to generate qualified opportunities for Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud, a digital marketing platform to automate marketing across all channels.

Previously worked at:


How I can help:

Lead Generation, Manage Full Sales Cycle

Average deal size:

$10,000 to $50,000
$50,000 - $100,000

Companies sold to:

Small Business (less than 100 employees)
Mid Size Companies (101 - 1000 employees)

Titles sold to

Marketing Buyers (CMO, VP Marketing, Creative etc.)