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Activated Scale

In-House Hire

Staffing firm

Time to hire salespeople

Labeler or manager role

5-7 days

2-4 months

1-3 months

Pre-vetted Candidates

Cost to hire




Ongoing cost - benefits, payroll




Onboarding Time

2 weeks

3 months

3 months

Termination Fees




Free rematching

Our difference

How our Marketplace helps

Proven and Vetted

All our prospective sales talent goes through a 3 step vetting process prior to getting access to opportunities. We vet for communication, prior track record, and most importantly sales chops. Hire a salesperson that can actually sell!

Prior Buyer experience

Access vetted salespeople with experience selling to a similar buyer and a similar ACV. This reduces onboarding and ramp time, the opportunity cost of burnt leads, and your time. Work with sellers that have successfully sold a product with minimal brand recognition and had to work hard to win deals.

Transparent Pricing

No ambiguous or long-term contracts! No minimum spend or minimum duration! Work month to month, scale up or scale down and convert to an employee if you choose to. If we have done our job, you will choose to work with us for a long time.


Your one point of contact will work with you through the entire engagement. They will personally match, help you get set up, and work hand in hand. Get recommendations for everything you need - from the right sales tools, the right metrics for your salespeople, monitoring their success to running a successful one-on-one that drives results. They are your personal sales advisor!

Our difference

How it works

Our mission is to connect expert marketers with businesses quickly and seamlessly.


Describe your project

We are looking for specific previous experience and measurable results selling to Technology, Marketing and HR Buyers.


Describe your project

If selected to proceed, a salesperson send us a 60-90 second pitch video based on the case study presented to them.


Describe your project

Once we review their pitch and it's accepted, we invite them for a 30-minute interview to further assess fit and answer questions.

Our difference

How it Works

Our mission is to connect expert marketers with businesses quickly and seamlessly.


Describe your goals

Set up a quick 30-minute call where we chat about your business, and learn if we are a fit.


Connect with us

We connect you with a vetted and experienced fractional salesperson in 7 days or less that can be hired part-time or full-time


Grow your revenue

Accelerate your revenue by hiring a vetted and experienced fractional salesperson.

Our difference

How our Talent
impacts Startups

Activated Scale is a B2B sales talent network for startups to hire part-time or full-time vetted sales talent.

Sales strategy

 Connect with Sales leaders that have built from the ground up and spent years building proven sales strategies and processes. They work hand in hand with startups to understand their business model, review data and their challenges. They recommend strategies that change the trajectory of startups.

Increase Traction

Connect with vetted, experienced and hungry salespeople that have worked with companies you aspire to beat. Our high performing salespeople work closely with founders to improve messaging, and articulate their value proposition that increases traction and revenue.

About us

The story and mission behind our company.

Founded by a sales veteran, Prateek Mathur has sold for and built sales teams at startups and public companies. Over the last 20 years, he has intricately seen the pitfalls that startups face when scaling their business and hiring promising sales talent. Prateek is fascinated by the drive of a startup founder and loves their passion, vision, and mission to reimagine our world. 

Frequently asked questions

Empower your startup and grow faster with us!

What results can I expect?

Results vary by the stage of the business. Some of our customers are looking for strategic guidance while most want to expand their sales efforts.

Meetings booked: This depends on who you are selling to. Some engagements have seen between 10-15 meetings per month from a salesperson working just 15 hours per week.

Revenue generated: This depends on your sales cycle and your ACV. Some customers have generated more than $250,000 in net new revenue selling a $25,000 ACV product with a 2 month sales cycle.

What happens if I'm not satisfied?

If you aren't satisfied with your salesperson, we can rematch you with someone new from our network at no cost. We vet and stand by our talent but understand that there are rare situations where there is more than skills and experience that make a match successful.

How do you screen for quality?

Every applicant must go through a vetting process prior to getting access to opportunities.

We are fortunate to get hundreds of applications from salespeople each month. Every application is reviewed for past experience with a specific buyer, industry and ACV.

The most important piece in sales is the ability to pitch. Each applicant reviews a proprietary case study and sends us a 60-90 second pitch video. Every pitch video is reviewed by peers in the network.

After passing this pitch stage, each applicant does a video interview with a subject matter expert to vet their past successes, communication skills, subject matter expertise and professionalism.

Only applicants that pass all parts of the process are accepted into the network.

Where are they located?

Every salesperson is located in the US. They either work from home or from a co-working space.

Can I hire them as an employee?

Absolutely! Almost, 40% of our customers hire our salespeople as an employee after an initial contract.

It's a great way to 'try' for sales skills and cultural fit before committing to a full-time role.

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