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Hiring a Salesperson is Expensive!

And, the results of a sales hire can take a few months.

For a small business or a venture-backed startup, a wrong sales hire could mean the end of their business. We work with 100's of startups and created this calculator to help you make the right decision when hiring for sales to save time and money!

Activated Scale connects startups with vetted and experienced fractional sales talent they can work with in a try-before-you-hire model.


We help Startups Succeed!

'Activated Scale quickly understood my current stage and recommended an expert that has sold to my buyer to help me build my Sales GTM.'
Binny Gill
Founder and CEO
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'Your fractional sales talent outperformed my full-time sales employee!
Traven Watase
'You've had a larger impact on our company than you may realize'
Pranay Prakash
Founder and CEO
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How it works

Our mission is to connect expert marketers with businesses quickly and seamlessly.


Describe your project

We are looking for specific previous experience and measurable results selling to Technology, Marketing and HR Buyers.


Describe your project

If selected to proceed, a salesperson send us a 60-90 second pitch video based on the case study presented to them.


Describe your project

Once we review their pitch and it's accepted, we invite them for a 30-minute interview to further assess fit and answer questions.

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What will you learn in this calculator?


The cost for a wrong sales hire

It's very tempting to hire a salesperson, but every startup doesn't estimate how much it will cost them if the salesperson they hire doesn't work out

This shows you exactly how much it will cost you if the salesperson doesn't work out.


Lost Revenue

When the salesperson doesn't work out, it will cost you additional also make you lose revenue

This shows you how much potential revenue you could lose if the salesperson doesn't work out


They're happy. And so are we.

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'On-boarding was simple, and the terms are founder-friendly.'
Michael Sitarzewski
'Activated Scale helped us to bring on an experienced salesperson. The speed with which we got her was exceptional. Not only did she have the experience selling to our buyer but could hit the ground running.'
Hanes Singh
Founder and CEO
'You brought on a great hire, super fast!'
Matteo Carroll
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This guide is brought to you Activated Scale. We are a Techstars-backed marketplace that connects startups and small businesses with vetted and experienced fractional sales talent. We have helped 100's of startups avoid costly sales hiring mistakes.

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Of course not! We created a comprehensive resource to be valuable for business owners. Whether you need tips, tricks, or a refresher, hop into any part of this guide that’s valuable to you. Alternatively, we are also available for a call. Just book from our calendar.

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