Fractional Sales Talent

5 undeniable reasons to love fractional sales

Regardless of your startup's industry, your sales representative is a vital link between you and your customers. However, more often than not, companies do not have the resources to hire full-time sales professionals. This is why fractional sales is gaining traction.

Let's talk about fractional sales and why it is beneficial to global companies.

What is Fractional Sales?

Fractional sales is the practice of hiring experienced sales representatives on a part-time basis to assist you with multiple tasks like implementing goals, educating your in-house team, implementing corrective duties, and more.

They are like consulting experts who help startups and small businesses control their costs and scale their operations.

5 Ways Fractional Sales Can Help You Grow Your Business

Let's explore why fractional sales is popular and explore its practical benefits for your business.

1. Increased Profits

Fractional sales representatives are not your full-time workers, so you don't have to pay a hefty monthly salary. They are available on a part-time basis, enabling you to hire them only when you need their assistance.

The amount you pay depends on the roles and duties they perform. This can eliminate unnecessary costs and save on your sales and marketing budget.

Small businesses that do not have hefty sales budgets but want to bring in new clients and explore other revenue streams can benefit from this management practice as they pay less and gain more.

2. Improved Management

Fractional sales managers are not amateurs. They are seasoned professionals with an established network to help you improve lead generation and coach your existing team on increasing conversions.

Most early-stage companies have a chaotic sales cycle. Bringing in experienced fractional sales managers can streamline the process and maximize efficiency.

3. Implement Newer Sales Technologies

CRM and lead generation platforms like Salesforce and Hubspot can help companies capture leads online and manage their workflows seamlessly. But setting them up and using complex functions require significant time and effort. Fractional sales managers can help you with that.

They can also help you leverage new sales technologies to analyze consumer behaviour and figure out what works best for your business.

Whether you are thinking of setting up paid ads or bringing in customer engagement software, fractional sales managers will coach your team on how to use it and maximize its value to ensure that you have a competitive advantage.

4. Get a New Perspective

When companies think they are not growing anymore, it is due to a lack of a new perspective. The business world is all about disruption. If you can't keep up with the rapidly changing times, you will lose out in the battle.

Fractional sales managers are experienced sales development executives with in-depth knowledge of industry trends, tools, and techniques. They can even help you analyze customer data and offer a fresh perspective on existing business problems.  

5. Create Guidelines That Will Help You in the Future

Setting up a collaborative culture where your team gets the help it needs is critical for success. And what better way to start than consulting with experts?

Since fractional sales managers have years of experience, they will aid you in creating playbooks, guides, and policies to help future sales representatives in your companies.

Closing Thoughts

Bringing in a sales expert from outside may seem like a bad idea right now, but it can help you set yourself up for success in the future.

Getting the help you want - at the right time and the right price - makes all the difference in the ever-changing business landscape.

So if you are struggling with optimizing your sales function, it's time to turn towards fractional sales management. Get in touch with Activated Scale to find the perfect fractional sales fit for your startup.

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