Fractional Sales Talent

Fractional Sales Talent: Expectation Vs Reality

The freelance market has witnessed a massive surge in popularity due to its cost-effectiveness and highly efficient result outputs. It's become increasingly convenient and considerably affordable for startups or businesses operating on a budget.

If you run a small business or have launched a startup, consider outsourcing tasks to freelancers.

Why Startups Should Prefer Freelancers:

Startups thrive on a limited budget and thus, must account for the initial and long-term expenses of recruiting full-time employees. They must also provide additional benefits to their employees, such as medical insurance, allowances, sick leaves, and more. One of the most expensive and time-consuming phases of employee onboarding is training.

Besides, if you make a bad hire or lose a staff member, it costs you their expertise as well as resources and time spent training and onboarding them. This loss also means that you must reinvest in a new hire, which is costly.

Hiring Freelancers for Your Startup:

If you've recently established your startup and are on a tight budget, you could look at working with freelancers that can get the job done efficiently while charging a fraction of their cost for a fraction of their time.

Here are some benefits of hiring freelancers for your organization:

High Proficiency and Refined Results

Freelancers are proficient in their respective expertise. For instance, fields such as web designing, digital marketing, content/video development, chartered accountancy, and others require in-depth knowledge and are not meant to be outsourced to amateurs.

Freelancers have extensive exposure in their respected domains since they work with a wide clientele and cater to varied demands. Therefore, chances are that they're already familiar with the tasks you wish to outsource.

Therefore, startups and small businesses can enjoy an impressive and cost-effective delivery of work owing to the professional expertise of freelancers.


Startups must be cost-efficient to ensure survival amidst the competition. Most startups start with a limited budget and do not have enough to pay a full-time employee. Therefore, outsourcing mundane tasks to freelancers helps startups save capital and focus on core tasks that promote business expansion.

Several startups neglect in-house hiring because it makes the owners pay employees a fixed salary amount every month, despite the amount of work done. A full-time employee also demands additional benefits such as medical benefits, sick leaves, salary increments, and more.

Time Efficiency

Startups have a massive amount of work to do in a limited time frame. Outsourcing helps startups save time substantially since they don't have to undertake lengthy hiring processes, devote time for training, or listen to their list of demands.

Besides, freelancers can take up more projects for cheaper rates while adhering to strict deadlines. You can conveniently find talented individuals for freelance jobs through outsourcing online platforms such as Activated Scale, where we connect startups with sales experts to guide you towards rapid business expansion and fuel revenue.

Simplistic Handling of Employment

Freelancing places majority of the power in the hands of companies. For instance, if a company does not feel content with an outsource agency's performance, it can immediately stop doing business with them.

Startups can recruit freelancers as and when required. Therefore, they only have to pay for the services required at a specific time, based on the project requirements. Startups also don't have to worry about employees leaving the company or demanding paygrade increments, sick leaves, or other privileges.

Higher ROI

Upon outsourcing, startups gain massive returns by saving on recruiting expenses, training, and onboarding. Instead, startups can outsource tasks to freelancers at half the price or lesser pay than that of a full-time employee while offering similar benefits.

Besides, you can hire freelancers with extensive expertise or leverage the freelancing network for referrals on tasks that demand a diverse skillset.

Final Words

Freelancing has gained massive popularity over the years thanks to its affordability, work efficiency, and the rapid expansion of the internet.

Startups and small businesses operate on a limited budget and thus, cannot afford full-time employees in the long term. Therefore, hiring freelancers is the ideal choice since it saves businesses the training and onboarding costs and yields a high ROI without compromising quality.

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