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Improve Your Meeting Show Rate: An Account Executive’s Guide

Landing hard-won meetings with coveted prospects only to have them no-show or reschedule frustratingly often is an all-too-common occurrence for account executives.

With your calendar representing one of your most precious assets, maximizing meeting show rates and minimizing cancellations or postponements is essential to accelerating pipeline growth and hitting targets.

This comprehensive guide reveals field-tested scheduling best practices to drive meeting productivity and continuity from initial booking through day of execution.

Tactics Covered:

  • Optimizing booking windows  
  • Instant confirmation workflows
  • Impactful meeting prep touches
  • Proactive reminder sequencing
  • Swift yet empathetic re-engagement
  • Second chance meeting requests
  • Helpful scheduling tools

Let’s unlock the key principles and actions to reliably build robust calendars filled with consistent meetings.Optimize Booking TimeframesCommon wisdom states scheduling meetings as far out risks diminished attendee follow-through. Yet most sellers still book vague “let’s connect in a few weeks” without considering attention span dynamics.

Data reveals most cancellations and postponements stem from meetings slotted over 20 days out.  Conversely, engagement soars for meetings locked 5-15 days ahead where the discussion stays fresh in prospect memory.

Takeaway → Book meetings no more than 2-3 weeks out when possible to boost attendance.Instant Meeting Confirmation Double booking risks increase the farther from scheduling a meeting sits in the fog of buyer memory. Just 33% retain fixed meetings without confirmations following a gap of 3+ weeks.

Prompt formal invitations directly post-scheduling drastically improve confirmation, syncing virtual calendars to verbal agreements forged in a live dialogue.

Takeaway → Instantly send calendar invites to prospects directly when meetings are verbally confirmed live. Sample Instant Confirmation Email:Subject: Meeting confirm - [Topic] Discussion Hi [Name],

Great chatting just now! Looking forward to jumping into [key talking point] next Wednesday, the 17th at 2pm EST.

I've just sent through a calendar invite with dial-in details to lock it in. Please let me know if you don't receive it or need to adjust time/date.

Speak soon!

[Your name]Memorable Meeting Preparation Thoughtful, valuable pre-meeting outreach demonstrates commitment while intrinsically building perceived event importance. 71% of buyers feel more positive meeting anticipation receiving relevant prep touches.

Helpful examples include:

  • Sharing related articles/resources
  • Proposing agendas aligning needs-capabilities  
  • Overviewing past analogy successes
  • Recapping key pain points

Takeaway → Send memorable pre-meeting emails, videos or gifts so prospects look forward to discussions.Pre-Meeting Video Example:Hi [prospect name],

I'm looking forward to our discussion on [day] exploring [central topic].

Based on our last conversation around [key challenge], I wanted to share a bit more background on the approach we've seen successfully address similar issues other companies faced. [Explain analogy].

Please see this quick video overview: [Customized video link]

Feel free to reach out with any other questions before we connect!

Best, [Your name]Optimized Appointment Reminders

Even with ideal booking coordination and preparation, busy customers benefit from appointment reminders maintaining visibility. Well-crafted reminders double the likelihood of meetings remaining top of mind and intact.

The most effective practice involves sending brief, friendly reminders approximately 24 hours before discussion. Template:Hi [Name],

A quick reminder we are scheduled to connect tomorrow [Date] at [Time] to discuss [Central Topic]. Please let me know if you need to adjust the time.

Look forward to our conversation!

[Your Name]

Takeaway → Send 24-hour pre-meeting reminder notes to boost attendance
Proactive Re-Engagement Sequences Despite best efforts, some percentage of prospects still miss confirmed gatherings. But swift yet empathetic outreach can still spark positive second chats.

Follow this optimal sequence:

  1. Immediate concerned check-in call post-no-show
  2. Same-day direct follow-up email
  3. Next day, secondary attempt threading prior note
  4. Final friendly notification 1-2 days later

Takeaway → Practice 4-touch nurture sequence to re-engage ghosts compassionately Sample Re-Engagement Emails:

[Same Day]

Subject: Voice MailHi [Name],

Apologies for missing our meeting today! Not a problem at all, but please let me know if there's a more convenient time to reconnect about [topic]?

Here is an updated link to schedule if helpful: [Scheduling link]

Please let me know if any issues come up! Happy to remain flexible to stages aligning best.

Best,[Your name]

[Next Day]

Subject: Following upHi [Name],

I wanted to check if you received my note below about potentially finding time to reschedule our discussion on [topic]?

Please let me know if you are interested or if it would be better tabled for now - just want to provide helpful resources, so no pressure!

Thanks again, [Your name]Graceful Scheduling Tools

Optimizing scheduling coordination with top-tier prospects spanning overwhelmed calendars and shifting priorities remains imperative yet challenging. Helpful applications providing visibility, flexibility, automation and reminders now simplify success.

Leading examples include Calendly, Hubspot Meetings, ScheduleOnce, Cirrus Insight and Membo.

Takeaway → Employ scheduling automation tools centralizing booking flexibility and reminders
In a NutshellMaster meeting makers know attendance hinges on artful orchestration spanning the initial invite to the day of. Strategic booking windows, swift confirmation workflows, valuable preparation, optimized reminder sequencing and compassionate re-engagement all conspire to convert tentative appointments into consistent meetings.

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